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Government Of Assam Science, Technology and Climate Change Guwahati Biotech Park

What we Do

  • Is only one of its first kind in Northeast India, is established in Guwahati city, which is the linking city connecting all the states of Northeast India as well as serves as the link between Northeast and the entire country and world.Can be a gateway to explore the natural diversity rich Northeast India for product development and identification of new drugs. Bringing bio-products to the marketplace

    • Vision
    • Objective
    • Mission


    Innovative policies will be developed and implemented, in conjunction with other government departments and agencies, to enhance the biotechnological landscape for investment, to champion Indian biotechnology in the global marketplace, and to design innovative as well as defensive strategies for global intellectual property rights. Systematic interventions at this level will include pilot-scale production and training units, short- as well as long-term partnerships with the biotechnology industry, and coordination of public investment in societally essential products. We aim at achieving excellence in this field, indigenous self reliance and international competitiveness.

    "To create a world class centre for leading-edge business-driven research and product development in Northeast India".


    We are dedicated to building the Park to global standards of excellence and to making it an attractive destination for domestic and multinational companies wishing to set up manufacturing or research units.


    The mission of park is to be the meeting point of technological innovation for knowledge-based biotechnology enterprises and to provide sustainable linkages between the industry, research institutions and academia to boost the region's competitiveness and business attractiveness by:

    • Supporting business development;
    • Spreading innovative products, processes and methods as well as distinctive knowledge and skills.

    The objects and activities of the Guwahati Biotech Park are:

    • To encourage and support the start up, incubation and development of innovation led, high growth knowledge based business in the multidisciplinary area of biotechnology.
    • To provide state-of art infrastructure facilities and single window services for setting up biotechnology, chemical and biological industries in the park.
    • To act as an engine for the growth of the biotechnology, chemical and biological industry and to act as a facilitator and a catalyst in the process of industry’s development.
    • To provide formal and operational links with centers of knowledge creation such as national R&D laboratories, Universities, Medical Institutions and research organizations in India and abroad and create a strong network.
    • To promote setting up biotechnology industrial ventures, contract research organization and healthcare industry.